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Part One: Thy name be Chadd

I was once at a secret place
that study critters from outer space.
but then the ditzy jerk
put me out of work
and I'm not out of luck.
True my feathers have been pluck,
but sorrow is one thing I'll chuck.
Villains appear and I fear
plans to reduce us to smears.

With my wits, courage, and gear, I'll
show then that their mistake is severe.
It's a tough job but you'll
see so says Chadd Dekker Resolver PhD.
Now onto my cases...

Part Two: Plant Girl

My daughter, Inez, is such a sweet child.
She's enjoying nature unlike
many kids today who prefer watching TV.
She's fascinated with
animals, outdoors and, plants.

She plays in the dirt..or
eats it as my son would say.
I don't believe him but
I watch her anyway.
So it's been like this
for I'm starting to believe him.
I notice something
strange about my Inez one day.
She has green
things in her hair.
But as I look closer I
realize that the green things...are leaves!
My baby's becoming
a tree!

I'd be happy except the
neighbors won't understand.
I'm really frightened until I call
some guy named Chadd Dekker...and Jake Bufford.
He helps me save Inez as she becomes
a bloated fruit and is growing out of control.
What's worst, the mayor
wants to kill her!

I admit I'm concerned
about my sweet Inez.
Dr. Dekker assures
me all is well.
Soon, we learn that
Dekker's rival, Jasper Bufford, is the cause.

We track him down but
he's using my precious baby to control the town.
We chase him all over the
state while fighting my baby's...well, babies.
Finally, we find this
Jasper guy as we fight him.
Well, Dr. Dekker anyway while
I fight Inez and her "kids". 

Now the jerkface has
my son as well.
Not that I'm already
upset but now I' now very angry.
I even attack both Inez and jasper.
The fiend has escaped us but
we'll find him... no matter what!
Soon we find
him and fight him.
I attempt to kill him but
I'm reminded of our task.

So I just
knock him out.
The fiend is then
taken to jail.
My family stays with
Chadd as we solve another case...
Part One: The Afterhoodlum called Ai (love) Akihiko (bright boy)

As a figure stirs to life, she
finds herself in...something.
Struggling a little, she escapes...a slightly
dented gray-and maroon colored steampunk-like capsule.
Once outside, the child finds herself in an
odd transportation center (bus station).
Looking around, she sees no one
except for a janitor off in the distance.

She is Ai Akihiko, a Japanese Afterhoodlum who is wearing a
white kimono but has two samurai swords instead of one.
Like all Afterhoodlums (or most of them anyway), Ai has large horn-like ears, a tail with
a spear or spade-like end, three fingers and two thumbs, but two big toes and three little toes.
Before she could gather her thoughts though, Ai hears noises and
makes her way outside only to hitch a ride on an odd vehicle.
While it looks like a
truck, it has those of a insect.
Scurrying it the top of it, Ai carefully
watches as Afterhoddlums load into the vehicle and gets comfortable for their ride.
As it "stands up", Ai is
snatched off her feet.
Looking up, she sees...her
grandfather's ghost.
Ai tried not to say it but
deep within she felt it: complete failure!
"How do you know you did so?" he asks her. "You're
judging once soul against a whole kingdom?"
"Of course not, grandfather," Ai calmly
replies. "I miss you...and love you."

"Family love is great", he says, "but neighbor love is
greater. For those who were once foreign are now familiar."
"And they
become family," Ai replies. "Yes, Grandfather."

Ai is taken to a village...a rather empty village with a
smashed statue in the middle with some shrines off in the distance.
Her grandfather, Akemi Akihiko, explains that the
village has been conquered by The Diablo Six.
Foreigners who support a group called the New Movement Group (NMG), The Diablo Six were originally
a part of a union called The Order of Unity.
They're known to hate religion and
are mercilessly hostile to Christians.
After Ai failed her mission, Akemi was killed, their
followers were scattered and the village was barren for one hundred years.
However, he assures her that the village can become
whole again by freeing them and/or rescuing them.
The more folks she frees, the more helpful they will be as they not only will give her access to
unreachable areas and even aide her in her battles but they will give her gifts to aide her.
The shrines that Ai saw earlier allow her to
restore and enhance herself to battle The Six.
Ai has various tasks to achieve, but her grandfather insist she rescues the king who's
a descendant of his Great (times eight) grandfather.
Wasting little to no time, Ai rushes off
through the first door to her left.      


United States


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